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Ramawati Foundation is a non-governmental organization based in Jharkhand, India. which was established in 2020. ramawati Welfare Foundation supports efforts to advance justice and work for people in needs and daily basis requirement.

We do this through well-planned and comprehensive programmes in health, education, livelihoods, WOMEN EMPOWERMENT and disaster preparedness and response.


Ramawati welfare foundation works for poor people in getting food, health, education and WOMEN EMPOWERMENT. for which we are working on them on priority basis. We want you to stretch your hands forward for any help that you can.

Our primary aim remains to provide them food from the available funds. We are working on a permanent solution to fill the gap between starvation and food supply among underprivileged poor people. From time to time we arrange free medical camps also.



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Latest News

11:00 — 16:00

A noble initiative of "Ramawati Welfare Foundation", distribution of free Pujan Samagri and fruits on Chhath Mahaparv.

Chhath Puja, the great festival of utmost faith, in a spirited manner, in the Samudayik Vikas area located in Chota Govindpur, the work of free distribution of Pujan Samagri and fruits to all the needy devotees has been completed with the courtesy of Mr. Anurag Prasad Verma, the social worker & founder of our organization Ramawati Welfare Foundation. After this noble work was done by the institution, great happiness was seen among the devotees and their families. The Social worker & founder of the organization, Mr. Anurag Prasad Verma congratulated the volunteers of the organization and all the devotees on the occasion, describing themselves as very fortunate for this sincere work.

09:00 — 14:00

Artificial Chhath Ghat near Swami Sahajanand Club, Chhota Govindpur

Keeping in mind the great festival of faith, near Swami Sahajanand Club, Chhota Govindpur Artificial Chhath Ghat construction is being made in full diligently and soulful manner by the organization on the request of the local's residents of EWS area | Founder and social worker of the organization Mr. Anurag Prasad Verma says that our organization considers himself very fortunate for his contribution in the work of this great festival.