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Ramawati Foundation is a non-governmental organization based in Jharkhand, India. which was established in 2020. ramawati Welfare Foundation supports efforts to advance justice and work for people in needs and daily basis requirement.

We do this through well-planned and comprehensive programmes in health, education, livelihoods, WOMEN EMPOWERMENT and disaster preparedness and response.


Ramawati welfare foundation works for poor people in getting food, health, education and WOMEN EMPOWERMENT. for which we are working on them on priority basis. We want you to stretch your hands forward for any help that you can.

Our primary aim remains to provide them food from the available funds. We are working on a permanent solution to fill the gap between starvation and food supply among underprivileged poor people. From time to time we arrange free medical camps also.



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Latest News

10:00 — 15:00

Street Lights Installation

Our Organization Ramawati Welfare Foundation installed Street Lights along the branch road near Janta Middle School under Janta Middle School under Govindpur area. In view of the fear of dangers such as accidents due to vehicles, the local resident Shri Prem Chand ji and the Chief Smt. Champa Barda requested our organization to install street lights. After that, the volunteers of our organization took a step forward in the direction of sustainable development by reaching the informed place according to the information of the problem without wasting time. Seeing the completion of this noble work done by the institution, the chief and local people appreciated it.

10:30 — 12:00

Spreading splash of colours in someone's life

On the auspicious occasion of Holi our organization "Ramawati Welfare Foundation" celebrated Holi by distributing colors, sweets, and masks among the needy. In keeping with the guidelines set by the government for Holi, the volunteers of our organization distributed colors, sweets, and masks. This initiative was headed by the Director Mr. Anmol Prasad, this attempt was made to bring a smile to the faces of those people who cannot afford their happiness because of financial issues. And, our organization Ramawati Welfare Foundation will always make such efforts to share happiness with everyone.