About Us

Founder’s Profile

Mr. Anurag Prasad Verma is the founder of RAMAWATI WELFARE Foundation - He is a Masters in Social Work with last 1 decades of experience in the field of social development, starting his journey as a volunteer in National Social Services (NSS) since his college days of. Serving poor and needy people in rural villages.

With his moral values he is working in the field of Digitalization & IT Development in various segments and plan to make a strategy to help the Common people, Being a youngster he also working and make the strategies to keep the youth to the Right Path. Because this youth will be the future of our country and motivate them to do something for the development of country.

He is also a young Entrepreneur and a sociologist too. Mr. Anurag Prasad Verma is a name among millions who is struggling, failed and surged ahead in search of success, happiness and contentment. He encourages the youth with their own motivation and ideas and inspire them to do something for the development of the country.

His inspiration is deeply rooted in future aspirations to serve people and has become a passion that inspired him to start the RAMAWATI WELFARE FOUNDATION. His most important initiatives were Ambulance Service, Home for Senior Citizens, Dalit and Women Empowerment Program, Environmental Awareness, Tree Plantation, Health, Sanitation and Hygiene Program.

Mr. Anurag Prasad Verma

Founder & Managing Director

Our Mission & Vision

The work of the Ramawati Welfare Foundation is to break the vicious cycle of poverty and social isolation and restore hope for a better future. We believe that every person has the right to access resources and opportunities to live and develop with dignity and to become an active and contributing member of our society. Our brand Ramawati Welfare Foundation works for under-developed children, youth, adults and families in the process of social integration and personal attainment.

Supporting human rights and in particular the rights of children and youth, as well as the rights of disadvantaged groups and communities.

Our Core Values

We are connected to poor's

Each person's life is given equal importance. Therefore, we are committed to working with poor people and communities, supporting them as they strive to fulfill their basic needs, overcome injustice and fulfill their dreams and prospects. To do this, we are committed to fully accept the integrity, values ​​and initiatives of those suffering from poverty and injustice.

We are committed to the whole society

We are committed to working with people socially, mentally and emotionally for their upliftment in the context of society, caste, caste and environment. We always adopt our sharp approach in our call and commitment.

We are committed to acceptance

We are responsible to our volunteers, colleagues and well-wishers, who strive to be honest and devoted to their social work. We are responsible for the time and resources involved in completing social work.


Ramawati Welfare Foundation located in Jharkhand is engaged in working for the betterment of public welfare. We work together to provide education, hygiene, food, health, education and women employment with the help of volunteers. Our focus is to provide good education and proper health facilities to poor children. We act as a catalyst and strive to provide basic necessities of life such as food, clothing, hygiene, education and health to the needy.

Guiding Principle

The founder of our organization believes that all human beings have the right to proper clean environment, good food and proper education and our founders work to fulfill their principles. Not only this, the principles of our organization aim to provide meaningful youth engagement and provide comprehensive guidance for social welfare work and social responsibilities, the guidelines of our organization motivate the volunteers to overcome the self-reliance and social aggression in the society And our principle motivates the volunteers to help needy people like poor people, disabled people & work towards cleanliness.