Our organisation believes that sometimes simple ideas work more effectively than complex solutions. As per own introspection and roadmap, our organization works for change to bring poverty alleviation and parallel lifestyle infrastructure in the country, Keeping in mind the safety of women and girls, our organization has started the work of street lightning in total 30 villages and cities, through which we can provide safe and fearless environment to the local women of the area. Our organization has done many things to change the rural areas at the state and country level, such as paved roads has been constructed in the village-town. Also, the construction of public toilets was done by our institute at many places in the city.

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Disaster Relief

Everyone is familiar with a fact that “Our Life is not in our hand”, in that case if someone helps us, that person will become angle for us, same thing happens when disaster took place, Disaster become evil in our life for a period of time, and in that case if someone helps us become our god.

Our organisation is always ready for rescue and providing shelter, foods in any situation because our organisation and our team help beyond humanity. Nothing will be possible if we won’t stand together your support matter a lot to those needy people. Please welcome and donate your valuable time at least towards our organisation just by joining our task force through your valuable contribution.

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"Helping the needy is the ultimate religion."

A few days ago our institution "Ramawati Welfare Foundation " It was reported that a family in Govinpur was homeless. Even in rain and storms, they have been living under open skies for the last 40 days and they do not have proper means. As soon as the information was received, our institution approached the family and helped them by giving drought ration and assured them of further help. Humanity is the ultimate religion for our institution and it is our privilege to be able to work for this family at the difficult moment. The family is very happy and thanked us for their support and support from our institute. It is a matter of great pride for our organisation to cause someone's smile.

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In the face of a natural disaster often the difference between life and death is immediate access to relief items. We are a pioneer in delivering life-saving relief supplies on time at scale. Help us to do more. Your support brings hope to the lives of those most in need. Please make a donation today.

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