Without ignoring the issues eventuated due to loss of nature, our organization has taken a responsibility of planting trees in entire city, till now more the 200 trees have been planted. Our organization taken a significant step by providing vehicles for garbage collection on daily basis, after collecting tons of garbage from houses that wastes thrown inside dustbins. More than 50 dustbins placed in different localities. After filing of dustbins, garbage collected into a dumping yard which has been provided by our organization. Not only this, to reduce the risks of Covid, everyday sanitation work is going in more than 500 different places.

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Save The Nature

Nature is an ecosystem, where everything is interdependent, where life begins due to this neutral environment, even a small insect survives by cooperating with each other. Nature has all important components of life to survive in any situation. With years of innovations in every field from agriculture to machinery, we developed our self but nature wouldn’t. Nature never changes according to human. It only changes according to the situation of the environment. This advancement in the livelihood of humans like Air Condition, motor vehicles, raw material companies emit harmful gases Carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, methane, etc. and thus, we face changes in nature like Floods, hurricanes and acid rain caused by ozone layer depletion.

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Plant trees, make tomorrow better

Yesterday on 15.09.2020, volunteers of our organization "Ramawati Welfare Foundation" planted trees and took an initiative towards saving the environment. Let us all resolve to plant more and more trees and contribute towards a healthy environment.

An Initiative Towards Greener Tomorrow.

The whole world is suffering from a problem like global warming, keeping this serious issue in mind, our organization "Ramawati Welfare Foundation" has given priority to environmental protection. Taking a step towards this mission, more than 11,000 seeds were planted in Sankarda village of Potka by our organization "Ramawati Welfare Foundation". The main objective of this project was to reduce air pollution and controlling global warming. In the future also our organization will continue to do this kind of noble work.

Plant a tree today to live better tomorrow

As we all know how the environment is getting damaged by the industry and there is no doubt that the level of pollution in the city is constantly increasing day by day due to which the green environment is constantly being affected. This is not only affecting our climate but as a result of continuous pollution, there is also a lack of oxygen in the atmosphere which causes diseases in living beings. Keeping this serious issue in mind, on Tuesday 26th January, the plantation campaign was carried out in Priya Garden at Chhota Govindpur by Mr. Anurag Prasad Verma, the founder of our organization Ramawati Welfare Foundation. And, we are targetting to plant more than 400 saplings in the entire region. In this endeavor, volunteers have given their valuable contribution to make this campaign a success.

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