Being healthy and maintaining healthy lifestyle, both are different from same perspective, a daily routine of a person can tell you about healthy lifestyle. But being healthy is only known to one if he used to eat healthy, sleep timely and exercise. Maintaining healthy lifestyle for migrants or poor people is next to impossible. Our organization has taken this responsibility to share knowledge on daily good habits through campaigns, posters and graphical representation. Till now we had done more than 80 campaigns at different places of Jamshedpur, Ranchi, deoghar, bokaro city and dhanbad. Not only this, every day volunteers of this organization are doing a best job by distributing food among destitute people.

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Health & Wellness

To maintain a good health for 1.35 billion populations, our country has 69000 hospitals including public and private sectors. But still we are losing life of more than 30% of life just because of lack of emergency system at a particular time every year, which is very huge cost for a life.

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Blood Donation

To explain the value of human life and to bring awareness about blood donation in society, on the day of National Cancer Awareness Day, our organization "Ramawati Welfare Foundation" organized a blood donation camp in the blood bank campus. The camp was organized at Blood Bank Building, Straight Mile Road, Near TMH - Tata Main Hospital, Dhatkidih, Jamshedpur. To ensure a safe and clean camp, a team of doctors and volunteers was formed and the event started. The volunteers of our organization made this event successful by donating blood. The organization also provided certificates and gifts as a reward to all blood donors. 150 units of blood were collected by the organization in the camp.

A gift of mobility to disabled people and to honor them in society

Our organization "Ramawati Welfare Foundation" provided a wheelchair for 21 years old. This young man is from Makdampur Munshi Mohalla, Parasudih, Tatanagar. Accidentally at the age of 4, he lost the power to walk and for this reason, it also missed his studies. Our organization decided to help this young man and we feel very proud that we should be the reason for this young man's smile.



Mr. Subhash Kumar Sharma, who is living near Sakchi New Cable Town in Sheesham Road, unfortunately, suffered a serious injury a few years ago because of a road accident. Unfortunately, he lost his right leg and invested the entire amount of money he earned during this treatment. Even after such a big accident in his life, he did not give up on life and decided to go ahead and live a new life. But being physically incapable, he had to depend on others for his work. The Director of our organization Ramawati Welfare Foundation, Mr. Anmol Prasad, met the victim and provided a wheelchair to Mr. Subhash Kumar Sharma.

Be The Reason of Someone's Smile..

Support us to help vulnerable animals, so that we can provide shelter to abandoned animals, feed them, provide medicines, and more to sick animals, rehabilitate them. Donate today and become the voice for voiceless animals.

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