Today our generation is moving towards expanding the world and it is becoming impossible for them to take care of their parents and in such a situation they start leaving their parents which results feel of guilt inside their parent’s heart. Our Organization is trying our best to overcome those feeling by providing companies of same age groups, where they can share everything they felt ever. Till now we have provided necessary items like cloths, blankets, daily use products like toothpastes, soap, sanitizers, earmuffs, nose masks, flippers, shoes, carry bags etc and also provided medicines. Our future goal is to provide a specific place them, so that they can stay together for longer period of time.

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Helping The Elderly

“It’s not about living lifestyle in anyway but it’s about changing the way as we look for growth.” Today we have lots of worshiping place like temples or buildings but only few of them have washrooms, our job is to prepare a better worship place with toilet rooms for them, till now we renovated lots of temples even painted their walls and provided a bright renovated place for them. We also renovated old age societies and repaired washroom.

Our Mission is to contribute in overall development of our country because our organisation wants to make our country a better place to live in. All of this won’t be possible without your contributions; it’s a warm welcome for your future contribution from our organisation.

We’re here to support you every step of the way.

Deliver good food on International Day of the Elderly

on the occasion of International Day of the Elderly, our organization "Ramawati Welfare Foundation" launched a campaign to provide food to the elderly, poor and needy people passing through the roadside in Tatanagar station and surrounding areas. Our volunteers took part in making the campaign a success, in which all the volunteers did the work keeping in mind all the safety precautions.




Your small help can cause a great impact

Happiness increases with sharing, and what's better than becoming the reason for someone's smile. Our little help and effort can lead to someone's happiness. This older man has been sitting in Bistupur for 10 years, and his day-long income is not so much that he can earn his living. Therefore, our organization "Ramawati Welfare Foundation" decided to give him a little help by giving them the gift of Diwali. On receiving the gift, a big smile came on his face and it is a matter of happiness for us that we can make our tagline meaningful.



Be The Reason of Someone's Smile..

Contribute a bit from your side ! Help us to serve elders' healthy and dignified life. Your donation can make a difference in the lives of millions of elders. It's our responsibility to give them love and care that they deserve.

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