As our organization “Ramawati welfare foundation” believes that feeding animals can reduce the effects of mental stress related troubles and make the human heartfelt. Not only on “World Animal Day”, but every day our organization doing a wonderful job of feeding abandoned animals in whole city even sometimes out of city like Purlia , Parsudih area.

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Mother Nature has many children; all the animals even human being is a part of nature, but only human beings are the most competitive and intellectual from all species. So it’s our duty to transform and maintain peaceful ecosystem, we should think and take care of all the living creatures. Our organisation is doing same for all living creature because we believe that animals are not object but living creature, which deserve kindness love and support and not only humans but silent animals have the equal rights over food.

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World Animal Day

Because our institute believes that "animals are not objects but living creatures, who deserve our kindness, love and respect" and not only humans but silent animals also have equal rights over food. All the volunteers of the institute contributed their valuable contribution in carrying out this work successfully. During this work, all the safety precautions were taken by the volunteers so that the animals do not have any kind of inconvenience. And in future also our organization will continue to work for the protection of animals.


Through the local residents, our organization Ramawati Welfare Foundation received the information on 22nd January 2021 that a cow and its calf were badly injured just behind Sakchi police station. On receiving the information, Mr. Anmol Prasad, the director of our organization, and the volunteers reached the place and found that the newborn calf of the cow was badly injured by stray dogs and there were huge wounds on their bodies, in view of which our organization immediately treated the injured cow and newborn calf and both of them were protected with the help of volunteers and kept in a safe place.

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Support us to help vulnerable animals, so that we can provide shelter to abandoned animals, feed them, provide medicines, and more to sick animals, rehabilitate them. Donate today and become the voice for voiceless animals.

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