Privacy Terms

While using the website, it shows that it knows that it can obtain information related to the user, including a confidential nature, to know the entire process of availing the service or becoming part of the Ramawati Welfare Foundation Institute. This information will be used by the Ramawati Welfare Foundation for the purposes of collecting its internal data and will be kept confidential. The Ramawati Welfare Foundation reserves the right to disclose personal information where it believes such disclosure is required by law to carry out the necessary. The user or visitors agrees that all information that the Ramawati Welfare Foundation has or can obtain for use of the service or with the permission of the user.

Presentations and Factors

Visitors of this website agree, as a condition of viewing, that any activity or communication between the visitor and the website is considered an agreement or acceptance. All presentations, including questions, feedback, ideas or suggestions for social and commercial use by the ramawati welfare foundation, without any additional consideration, will become and can be used as a special property of the website or its affiliates.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

These Terms of Use are governed by the laws of the Republic of India. In all disputes arising out of or relating to the use of this web site or service by the user, consent and submission to the exclusive jurisdiction and venue of the Courts in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand.

Cancellation and Return Policy

Donations successfully processed through a payment gateway will not be returned. Please select the cause you want to support and the amount you want to contribute before donating. No amount will be deducted in case the transaction process fails. There is no small donation to help the underprivileged section of our society. By donating, you can cause someone happiness!

Terms and conditions

Welcome to the official website of https://www.ramawatiwelfarefoundation.com. You can avail the facilities offered through Ramawati Welfare Foundation.

This Terms of Use website governs your use of the website located at www.ramawatiwelfarefoundation.com (the "Site"), which is owned and operated by the company's Shrotam group. ("Company," "we," "we" or "our").

By accessing, browsing, or using the Site or any page of the Site, you are indicating that you have read and accept and agree to these Website Terms of Use (collectively, the "Terms and Conditions") And agree to be bound by the company's website. Privacy Policy located at www.ramawatiwelfarefoundation.com/privacypolicy. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions and every provision of the referenced website privacy policy, please do not access, browse, or use the site.

Ramawati welfare foundation reserves the right to modify, amend or amend the amended policy at any time and in any manner as it may see fit in this disclaimer. Any changes or modifications will be posted on the site. It is therefore important that you review these terms regularly to ensure that you are updated for any changes.

Various Sections of Ramawati Welfare Foundation

Donation Department

The Ramawati Welfare Foundation issues a donation list from time to time according to various types of social work and events and displays the requirements listed on the website. Registered members can donate according to their interest and according to the project. Attempts to provide a report and report of your donation made within the official time limit. Receipts and report time periods may vary depending on the nature of the donation used.

Donation through payment gateway

As you know, payment gateway is provided by a third party and governed by the terms and conditions provided by such third party. If you are making any kind of donation through the payment gateway present on our website and if you violate the terms and conditions of third party in any way while making your donation. So at that stage Ramawati Welfare Foundation will not be responsible for that online error and mistake

Operation Department

Service is paramount for our organization and our organization believes that nothing is more righteous than humanity. For which our operation team and volunteers are always ready. If you want to get any improvement or development in your area, then if you want to get any help, then you must first give us a written complaint to our operation executive or you can also reach us via mail and call. Based on the complaint or information received from you, our operation team will react. our volunteers and staff will reach out to your door step as they possibly can.

Donation and Refund Rules

You can complete the process of donation by using any payment mode in our organization like online payment, other payments like net banking, account transfer, UPI or cheque etc.

All donations made by you are completely non-refundable. Any request for cancellations and refund of online donations once duly placed on the website, shall not be entertained under any circumstances. No refund of money will be allowed after completing donation process through online, it is an extremely clumsy task to process. So, we request you to be sure before you donate.

we share Email Confirmations to donor after confirmation of donations. If any donor do not receive mail confirmation after payment, contact us immediately.

Disclaimer of Warranties

Ramawati Welfare Foundation will also not be liable for any errors, omissions or typography errors, interruption delays, interruptions, failure, deletions or defects in the service provided by it.

Ramawati Welfare Foundation does not give any kind of advice or publicity for any type of commercial and financial product on its website. The service should not be obliged to advertise for donations to non-governmental organizations or other charitable organizations listed in this website.

To take any financial, investment or other decisions on the basis of information displayed on the website of Ramawati Welfare Foundation like- progress report, analysis report, etc., for any loss or liability to the user or organization on its behalf or as a result of any third person. Ramawati welfare foundation Will not be responsible

Uploading content to the site

If you upload any type of image or any type of content on our site or use our site to interact with other users, you will find the following terms and conditions specifically directed by the organization Have to follow.

If any communication or material by a user to the organization, which you transmit or post on any social data platform, such as any data, comment, suggestion, or the like, and if that data is confidential, then it will be If there is a contrary comment, it will be considered a crime and non-proprietary.

We will not be responsible or liable to any third party for the accuracy or accuracy of content posted by you or any other user of our site.